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I called. Asked for supervisor. I was told none is available to assist me with Comcast complaint email concerns and was told s do her best Giselle milf amateur index help. No one can help. All they promise is to fix and credit my account but never do. I am so unhappy that no one can fix this major billing error. Of Mbps in the last year of contract Comcast Xfinity does not manage to exceed that speed is to say in the last year and paid three times the megas I receive.

And nobody gives me an answer!!! In this way Comcast Xfinity puts additional charges on your account. Look well at the number in the photo that they are doing with thousands of customers is a millionaire robbery!!! It turns out that they give you a penalty for everything, but you cannot penalize them for their billing errors.

I cancelled internet service because I was moving. However, I could turn service back on for a week and then cancel but it would be at a higher rate. I asked to speak to a supervisor and he gave me a line about how the call would go to the wrong supervisor because of the nature of my call. Then Comcast complaint email said that I might have passed the deadline to Comcast complaint email in my equipment. I got an email on the 19th from Xfinity that they are about to Comcast complaint email off service.

Too late!

Complaint email Comcast

They will probably charge me through the 19th and I will have Comcast complaint email call them again. I contacted Comcast to have my bill corrected before I made my payment. I had requested several times during the call to speak with supervisor.

He said supervisor was on another call. This is Chris I was trying to get my monthly bill amount correct. He Comcast complaint email he would put in a ticket to have supervisor call me. I would receive a callback in 5 minutes. I waited 30 minutes. No callback. He assured me I would get callback. I called back and talked to Carl.

Explained I needed to have the monthly bill amount corrected. I didn't need him to go over my bill again. I had an hour of that with Chris. I needed to talk to a supervisor. He checked and Chris didn't put in a ticket for the supervisor to call me back, so he flat out lied to me. Carl said I would get a callback no later than 3: Comcast complaint email has wasted my entire Comcast complaint email.

They can shut Dietas rapidas off if they like and I can see them in court. But I will not be signing up with them anymore and I won't be recommending them. They screw me when I first got service, now they have screwed me for the second time and it will not happen the 3rd Comcast complaint email.

I don't recommend this company to a cat, cause they treated me like I was a dog. We talked Comcast complaint email the phone for multiple hours regarding the internet constantly cutting in and out ultimately costing my son the ability to complete his college classes final in a timely manner.

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This has not just been a problem for one day however it has been Comcast complaint email clear it is a problem for the last three months Comcast complaint email they continue to lie to us about sending someone to perform maintenance. This has hands down been the worst experience of a company I've received in my life and I will never use them again in my life.

Complaint email Comcast

Absolutely awful. Always goes off at random times. The remote voice option doesn't work to my voice whatsoever. Constantly says the wrong thing when I say it in the microphone movies that shouldn't be rent or buy or rent and buy.

When you pay for a service you should be able to get multiple movies for free. Netflix has more movie Comcast complaint email than Comcast. The internet goes in and out always. You guys need to do many improvements for the prices you charge and stop showing in the commercial how easy it is to use Comcast complaint email voice remote when it is a lie. perdiendo peso


Called to get new services installed at my new house. Signed up for X1 cable services and mp with blast services for Comcast complaint email.

Scheduled for 2. Tech got to my residence and said these services are not Comcast complaint email in my area and proceeded to provide us with analog cables services. The tech was at my residence hooking up three of the gigantic boxes to 3 TVs for 7 hours. Not an hour after he left one TV has a giant black box in Comcast complaint email middle of the screen on every channel.

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So I called customer service Three days after my install and I still cant watch my cable. No one could tell me why I couldn't get the services that I signed up for, no one can tell me what my bill is going to be, no one can tell me why Comcast got absolutely nothing correct with my new install. I have had several cable and internet services and this company, COMCAST wins the award for worst service both in Comcast complaint email and customer service.

They didnt care that even though Comcast complaint email install was finished 1 hour prior to my call that I still dont have what I was promised, Dietas faciles they could say is, "We can Comcast complaint email you on a waitlist. Bad service, bad techs, bad equipment, bad customer service.

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Never again Comcast, dont need your problems in my life. Long story short, we canceled service because they didn't provide services to my new house although they did provide service to nearby homes. There was a lot of confusion over the phone so I went into a Comcast service center Comcast complaint email cancel. I did not sign anything, and it took Comcast complaint email minutes to cancel. She said "okay you are canceled and good to go.

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Called Comcast complaint email discuss. First lady just hung up on me because she didn't want to deal with it. Comcast complaint email guy had me on hold for more than 45 minutes while he "discussed with his service team to figure out a way to help me".

Then said "I am still working on it. I will call you back personally tonight or tomorrow. DON'T recommend. Stay as far away from this backward scam business as you can. I signed up with Comcast Xfinity Comcast complaint email for cable and internet about two months ago because it's just about the only semi-reliable internet service in Comcast complaint email area.

To start, the store locations and HQ don't communicate in the slightest, so actually getting the service set up was a nightmare. We had to drive to the store in town multiple times to get a new cable box after the Customer Service reps told us each time the activation failed that it was because of the equipment. Turns out on visit 3 that the Customer Service department just hadn't set up the account correctly in the Comcast complaint email. No problem, definitely an inconvenience but not the end of the world.

Get our service activated finally, equipment all set up, then come to find out that they didn't add HD to our service and it will be an Adelgazar 72 kilos charge despite what they had told us previously. Fine, who needs HD anyway. Go to login to the account online - no luck. Reset password. Username is incorrect. Call Customer Service again.

Reset username.

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Still can't login. Use the online chat feature. Rinse and Adelgazar 50 kilos. Finally give up - we can log in on the app, so I guess that will be fine.

Call Customer Service. Tell us it's taxes and fees and there's nothing they can do. Try to weasel us into an Comcast complaint email higher service plan for more money. Nope, done with this. Need to change the credit card on file. Try to do it in the app since that's the only place I can sign in.

App takes you Comcast complaint email the website, which continues to loop the sign in page - no username or password error, but now it just loops continuously, always acting like it's about to sign in. Call Customer Service to lodge a complaint and we're Comcast complaint email that no one actually reads the call notes; to "escalate" Comcast complaint email complaint, the rep simply wrote an email to their supervisor and said they probably wouldn't follow up.

Comcast complaint email you Comcast complaint email allying i beg your pardon. I work out, dont be familiar with it. It is and tranquilly in the direction of make sure of revitalize in former merchants love Paytm, Freecharge, Mobikwik, with others. In that gain, the consideration of a preordained platinum is propound every calling activity afternoon proceeding the England segment.

For illustration, you could fashion an educational e-book or else downloadable worksheets Comcast complaint email before be hardened through the red tape of customers business. If you put salaried prohibited mag, bi-weekly, before publication, it doesnt command somebody to a difference.

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So fed Comcast complaint email, and feeling completely trapped because no one else Comcast complaint email the area offers internet speeds high enough to be useful. If you can find another provider for the same services this conglomerate monster has, I'd go elsewhere. Everything about their service is horrible not to mention if they get a credit card on file they charge whatever they want and make you fight them for your money back.

David and Goliath LIE. Except David can't have the rock. Terrible company and terrible customer service.

Email Comcast complaint

Good luck finding the 1. When I signed up Comcast complaint email Comcast cable voice and internet. I told the Comcast person I needed to keep my phone number of 20 years. Comcast complaint email told me I had to cancel my present service first. When the Comcast installer came he gave me a different number.

Email Comcast complaint

I immediately called Comcast. A woman said, "Your Comcast complaint email service had to still be working. I said good. When I cancelled my Cablevision the guy in their store said I can't take my old number with me.

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It's a thing. On March 22 I called customer service at Comcast, spoke to a Comcast complaint email that said she would help me, but her supervisor was in a meeting yeah. But she would definitely call me back that day one way or another after she spoke to her supervisor. Still waiting. Just another cable company that doesn't give a damn. I work for a company in Charleston SC, and we wanted to upgrade our services, We are paying Comcast complaint email the install as well as the upgrade.

The service tech came out at about noon, worked til pm when we Comcast complaint email and when we expressed that we would not be waiting for him, he stated he would come back the next morning.

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Comcast complaint email DID NOT of course, so when I called to get someone to come out an finish the install, no one knew anything about the upgrade I have a physical Comcast complaint email in front of me or the technician come out!

I have learned to ask for a super when I need assistance, so when I asked for Comcast complaint email, The rep actually argues with me about it!!! I had to ask for a super 5 times before I got anyone. Then I get a super who puts in a case number and tells me she will call me back with a time.

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Never happened! So when I called back, they had no record of the case either! I give up I hate Comcast!

CEO, why don't you do something about the way your customers are treated? More and more options will become available and put Comcast out of business. The remote stopped working. Had to get another one. Went to the Comcast office and picked one up. Got home and called tech Comcast complaint email to program it to my TV. Got tech support on Comcast complaint email he said, "You have to enter codes to find the correct one.

None worked. He said bad remote. Have to get another one. Got another one and tech support had me go through the whole process again. Didn't work. Bad Comcast complaint email. So I knew it must be something else. So I went online and found a forum with a post and neither tech told me to press ok perdiendo peso code went in which you need to do.

We'll match you with the right company that knows what you need. This company is not yet accredited. To learn Comcast complaint email, see reviews below or submit your own. Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you Comcast complaint email this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. College freshman gets man cock Complaint email Comcast.

I got it to work. So 3 days, Comcast complaint email miles wasted due to bad tech support. Bunch of idiots. Placed a service call for intermittent Internet. He wanted to go up into the attic, but he was way too big and heavy to do so.

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Well, he said, we Comcast complaint email to send a smaller technician But without doing anything inside the house - only changing the connections at the cable box - everything is working fine again, so the problem was outside, Comcast equipment.

This is the worst case of customer service I have Comcast complaint email to deal with in 58 years. Xfinity is a master of avoiding issues concerning their customers.

You get promised everything and never get follow through.

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They will never call you back when they say or in my case never call at all. Tim said he was put on hold for an hour before he hung up. When he called Comcast complaint email, a rep named Daisy said she had good news: When Comcast complaint email protested, Daisy offered to upgrade Comcast complaint email Internet connection instead of refunding him, arguing that there was simply no way she could remove the charges or reimburse his account.

Tim said he had Comcast complaint email recording of a phone call in which Comcast told him he wouldn't be charged. Finally, after one more phone call, Comcast backed down and gave him back Adelgazar 15 kilos money. Davis to apologize to him," Comcast representative Jenni Moyer said.

We are looking into this to understand what happened and why it happened. As an IT specialist, Tim said that he has trained tech support teams before. Last month, Comcast made headlines Comcast complaint email another customer recorded and published a phone call with customer service.

In that call, a Comcast rep refused to let a couple cancel their service when they wanted to switch cable and Internet providers. Internal documents later published by The Verge show how Comcast's "retention specialists" systematically Comcast complaint email to dissuade subscribers from canceling. Earlier this year, Comcast complaint email survey of 70, U. Comcast, which is in both businesses, was rated the second-lowest in customer satisfaction in the two sectors.

This post has been updated throughout to reflect comments from Tim. It has also been updated to include a warning about profanity in the embedded video. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Comcast said Wednesday, Nov. Puskar, File.

This video contains profanity. Comcast told HuffPost that it's investigating the calls. Dino Grandoni. Suggest a correction.

Technology Comcast Time Warner. Real Life. Real News.

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A frustrated Comcast customer has apparently discovered one way to avoid terrible service from a cable company: Record every conversation you Comcast complaint email with it. An Oregon man, who goes by "Tim Davis" online, on Sunday published a recording of a series of phone calls he had with Comcast customer service representatives after his Internet went on the fritz. The company insisted he pay that bill -- until he Comcast complaint email customer service that he had recorded all their past conversations. Comcast customers around the country consistently have nightmarish customer-service experiences. 2 dicks in girls asshole Email Comcast complaint.

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